I could sense that quite simply she was going to be the first of her kind to die and in my mind I held a private screening in which I ran, in quite some style, and threw myself desperately at one of Dali’s confused clocks, hoping we’d land yesterday. Le Fin. I need your help here.


I lie as near to the edge as possible, as I dare, kicking my legs over and letting my hair drape across my shoulder in that casual but considered manner, mildly hoping that some freak gust of lunar wind might tip me over and send me tumbling down to the Earth. Notice how I use the word ‘mildly’ and the phrase ‘as I dare’. I can see the vast ocean, twisted in turmoil, down there. It’s quite sad really. 

I can’t even conjure the drive to describe the moon as you want me to.

What’s this you heard about a jade rabbit?

Chang’e thinks

There is an alternative thought in the back of my mind that maybe, just maybe, some interplanetary craft of curious beings might take a liking to the form I have taken some time to present and that they will swoop in, lower these insane, oppressive pincers, the grip of which I won’t have a hope in escaping, and then I’ll be held on-board an alien vessel heading in a direction I don’t know but finally off this moon.


blistering, divine.

Become your quietus.

Enlightened states soar. Deep

sleep. A cloud - phantasmagoria. Peace.

Shredded indigo veins; ribbons of futile

reflection. Reap mystical realms found only beyond.

Being is benign when souls seep unrestrained, free.

Wonderful illuminated light, colours of the rainbow and more

which weren’t. It is Everything. Until sweet completion. Existence null.

Just had to find out how to walk in the snow, and drive fast.